Conferences in the IJCRS series are held annually and comprise four main tracks relating the topic rough sets to other topical paradigms:
rough sets and data analysis covered by the RSCTC conference series from 1998,
rough sets and granular computing covered by the RSFDGrC conference series since 1999,
rough sets and knowledge technology covered by the RSKT conference series since 2006,
and rough sets and intelligent systems covered by the RSEISP conference series since 2007.
Owing to the gradual emergence of hybrid paradigms involving rough sets,
it was deemed necessary to organize Joint Rough Set Symposiums, first in Toronto, Canada, in 2007,
followed by Symposiums in Chengdu, China in 2012, Halifax, Canada, 2013, Granada and Madrid, Spain, 2014, Tianjin, China, 2015,
where the acronym IJCRS was proposed, continuing with the IJCRS 2016 conference in Santiago de Chile, IJCRS 2017 in Olsztyn, Poland, IJCRS 2018 in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, IJCRS 2019 in Debrecen, Hungary, IJCRS 2020 in La Habana, Cuba (held online), and IJCRS 2021 in Bratislava, Slovakia (hybrid).